Thank You Prayer for Spring

Thank you for all the plants pushing new life out, green newborn nubs.

Image 2Thank you for the green grass of scilla, topped by delicate blue stars.

Thank you for the sunny yellow trumpets of daffodils.

Thank you for the fat buds of saucer magnolia, ready for their cue to open.

Thank you for the nodding white umbrellas of snowdrops.

Thank you for the heady perfume of hyacinths.

Thank you for the spiky yellow plumes of forsythia.

Thank you for the sweet song of the cardinal, birdie birdie whistled at treetop.

Thank you for the orange-breasted robins hopping hungrily on lawns.

Thank you for the brightening gold of goldfinches, swooping through the yard.

Thank you for the rabbits at dusk, munching the short new grass.

Thank you for the discreetly lengthening daylight, the temperature inching toward warmth, the surge of plant life tuning up for its return.

One thought on “Thank You Prayer for Spring

  1. I was inhaling “the heady perfume of hyacinths” just this morning! Thanks for this lovely reminder of all we have to be thankful for on these spring days.


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